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The HCG Diet Grocery List

Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying: “work smarter, not harder.” Nowhere is this more true than in your diet and exercise program. People often accumulate long hours on the treadmill and eat all sorts of unsatisfying, low fat, low calorie foods in order to achieve weight loss. While this method does work, it often takes a long time and requires copious amounts of willpower and determination in order to manifest real and lasting weight loss. Exercise is awesome, and it has a host of positive health benefits associated with it. It should be done daily, by everyone, make no mistake. However, for the strict purpose of weight loss, exercise requires a large investment of time and energy in order to be truly effective.

The HCG diet, now, is quite different from the traditional diet and exercise program. For one, the duration is drastically shorter, lasting no more than 40 days and the results are truly amazing. People who successfully complete the HCG diet protocol repeatedly report losing anywhere from 25-35lbs in a month, sometimes more! How’s that for working smarter and not harder? However, the HCG diet, while simple, has it’s own potential pitfalls that need to be avoided in order to ensure your success.

The first thing you can do is to make sure you get real HCG. You can buy HCG online or get it from your doctor, depending on what type you choose to get. Traditionally, HCG is administered via injections, though there are other forms available such as HCG diet drops and HCG diet pills. All three forms have been reported to elicit similar results, so it’s really up to you. HCG is a hormone, and if that doesn’t jive well with you, there are homeopathic HCG diet drops available.

Once you have your HCG, the next step is to create an HCG diet meal plan. A meal plan is an excellent way to structure your diet in that you can make any changes you need to in order to keep it varied and interesting. There is a list of approved foods that comes with the HCG diet protocol, and once your meal plan is set you can use that to create your HCG diet plan grocery list. Buying as much of the food beforehand will help you to avoid going to the grocery store during the first week or so of the diet, and any temptations associated therein.

With your HCG diet grocery list in hand, only select fresh, natural foods. Do not get frozen, boxed or canned foods as they don’t provide the same health benefits of the natural stuff. The foods on your list should all be relatively inexpensive, so being able to afford the HCG diet shouldn’t be an issue. Your largest single expense will probably be the HCG hormone itself, though even that is quite affordable.

Once you’re finished with your grocery shopping, return home and begin to pre-portion your meals for the next several days. The HCG diet relies on strict adherence to the list of approved foods and that you do not exceed more than 500 calories a day. Over the next few weeks, you should notice rapid weight loss in traditionally difficult to hit areas like the belly, butt and upper arms. You’ll experience weight loss all over your body, though, so there’s no need to worry about coming out of the diet looking odd.

Where to Buy Genuine HCG Hormone

Today, weight loss is on the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. Food is a lot easier to come by for many individuals, and combining that with the sedentary lifestyle that has taken hold in modern times, it’s not hard to see why. The weight loss industry is booming, and there are a ton of diets out there that claim to help you lose weight quickly, if only you buy all your food from them. There is another option on the market, though, that touts rapid weight loss and does not require you to continue purchasing products from an individual company; that is the HCG diet.

The HCG diet is a short, simple plan to follow that yields rapid, dramatic results in weight loss. Losing .5lbs a day is not only common, but it’s the minimum starting point for those who follow the HCG diet successfully. The diet lasts anywhere from 15-40 days, depending on how much weight you want to lose, followed by a 3 week stabilization phase. It is easy to lose anywhere from 25-35lbs in a month on the HCG diet.

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that when introduced to the body, will cause stores of fatty tissue to be released into the bloodstream in order to be used as energy. In conjunction with a very limited 500 calorie a day diet, the HCG hormone will produce rapid, dramatic results… and you don’t even have to exercise! The HCG hormone is natural, and found most readily in pregnant women. However, real HCG used for the purposes of supplementation is made in a laboratory, not taken from any actual people. You may experience HCG side effects when you do not get the genuine article.

You can buy real HCG online, but beware of the many HCG diet scams out there. These people are out to get your money while delivering faulty, ineffectual products that can, at best, do nothing for you and at worst cause problematic health issues. The HCG diet scams, while abundant, can be easily avoided by taking a few simple steps to ensure you’re getting real HCG and not some phony replication.

First, consult your doctor about your interest in the HCG diet protocol. Doctors have access to all sorts of resources and they can point you in the right direction as far as getting your hands on real HCG. Typically, it comes in the form of hormone injections, but you can also get HCG diet drops or HCG diet pills if the injections aren’t your thing.

Aside from HCG diet scams, there are a ton of HCG diet reviews posted on all sorts of blogs and message boards that summarize people’s successes and failures with HCG from various sources. If you see several people talking highly about one specific source on an online forum, then you can bet that it’s a reputable one. Making sure they’re approved by the FDA will also go a long way to ensuring that you’re getting the real HCG.

If you deal with your doctor, you will often get your HCG from a pharmacy. However, you can also buy HCG online, if you’d rather do it yourself. The homeopathic HCG drops are available without a prescription, and if you want to buy HCG diet drops online then it might be a good idea to heed the advice in this article to be sure you’re getting real HCG.

HCG diet Miami

The HCG diet Miami is an excellent way to lose unwanted stores of fat quickly, safely and easily. In a city that’s synonymous with beach bodies and partying, you can see why so many people have wanted to lose weight, feel great and look awesome. If you’ve been looking for an effective diet plan that will help you look good in a bathing suit, then look no further because the HCG diet Miami is the very thing you have been searching for.

In order to lose weight, you have to burn stores of fat. In order to burn stores of fat, you need to burn more calories than you consume in a day. The HCG diet helps people do this by including supplements of the HCG hormone along with a very strict, low calorie diet. Low calorie diets are typically not advised by most health professionals unless in the most dire of circumstances. This is due to the fact that not only are they difficult to adhere to, but eating too little over a long period of time can have it’s own negative side-effects on your metabolism and overall health.

While the total daily caloric intake on the HCG diet is limited to 500 calories a day, it is safe because the period in which you eat so few calories only lasts a couple of weeks. Let’s face it, we all know that the body stores fat for just such an occasion. However, when periods of low caloric intake do not occur, the fat keeps piling up and can very easily get out of hand.

The HCG hormone injections’ primary purpose is to rapidly release stores of fat into the bloodstream to be burned as energy. The low calorie portion of the diet ensures that this newly released fat is burned as energy and not just re-stored once the HCG injections cease. The secondary effect, though, is that HCG helps you feel less hungry and controls any cravings associated with dieting, therefore making the low calorie diet much, much easier to maintain.

There are a few side-effects related to the HCG diet, but they’re pretty much all relegated to the sudden decrease in your daily caloric intake. Mild headaches, feelings of being light headed and fatigue are probably the worst of the symptoms you’ll experience while working through the HCG diet (if you experience any at all). They usually dissipate during or shortly after the first week on the diet, leaving you free and clear to continue dropping pounds.

The reason the Miami HCG diet is so great is because it produces rapid, lasting weight loss results. You can typically expect to lose upwards of 1lb a day, provided you follow the diet protocol correctly. The protocol only lasts about a month, but there are longer duration diet plans available for people who want to lose a larger amount of weight.

If injections aren’t sounding very appealing to you, don’t worry. There are also HCG diet drops and HCG diet pills available that provide similar results as those reported by the injections. Losing weight has never been easier than it is today, and making use of the fantastic HCG diet in order to do so is probably one of the easiest ways to do so.

What foods are Allowed on the HCG Diet

Just about every diet out there has some sort of restriction or other geared to help you lose weight. The most obvious restrictions are things that have a high calorie count and low nutritional value. White bread, white rice, sweets, cheese, butter, all of these are good things to avoid if you’re looking to lose weight. There is a particularly restrictive list of foods allowed on the HCG diet, but there’s a good reason behind it. Certain foods will interact poorly with the HCG hormone, resulting in its reduced efficacy and less overall weight loss. Also, certain foods (namely starches) offer up very little nutritive value and, when on a calorie restricted diet, cases of malnutrition could result from eating them.

If you want to learn the basics of the foods allowed on the HCG diet, then a good place to start would be Pounds & Inches by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. This is the original book on the subject of the HCG diet, and it’s written by the man who first discovered the weight loss possibilities of HCG supplementation. Pounds & Inches details how Dr. Simeons first noticed the correlation between HCG and weight loss, as well as his continued research. There are other HCG diet books that detail others’ experiences with the diet and should be checked out for additional information. If you want to try the HCG diet for yourself, you might also want to pick up a book on HCG diet recipes. With a restrictive list of approved foods, it can be helpful to get outside advice on meal preparation and variation.

The original HCG diet’s list of approved foods includes proteins, vegetables, fruits, a very specific kind of grains, coffee, tea and water. The proteins are chicken, beef, and fish and should be separated into 3.5oz (100g) portions with all the visible fat removed. The HCG diet requires that as little fat as possible be consumed due to its high caloric content as well as any possible interactions causing the HCG to become less effective. There are certain seasonings allowed on the HCG diet, and it’s important to have a comprehensive list of what you can use in order to make sure you don’t inadvertently sabotage your diet.

The grains allowed on the HCG diet are melba toast and a grissino bread stick. They can either be eaten with meals or used as a snack in between in order to help stave off hunger and keep energy levels up. It is imperative that no other grains are ingested over the course of the HCG diet until phase 3 is complete. Even then, white bread and white rice should be avoided in favor of whole grains and/or brown rice. Both of these foods contain protein as well as fiber, both of which are found lacking in their counterparts.

Vegetables allowed on the HCG diet are limited, and include spinach, chard, chicory, beet greens, onions, tomatoes, celery, fennel, asparagus, cucumbers, radishes and green salad. Some of these vegetables, like celery and spinach, are extremely low in calories and can be eaten in relatively large amounts while staying safely below your 500 calorie a day limit. As far as fruits are concerned, apples, oranges, grapefruits and strawberries are your choices. These should be limited to breakfast, but a small serving of strawberries can be used as a dessert with one of your meals if desired.

The Liquid HCG

Of all the weight loss supplements on the market, liquid HCG is by and large the most effective. There are few, if indeed any, other supplements that repeatedly provide the rapid weight loss results that HCG hormone injections have come to be known for. Most of these other supplements seem to provide better results the more you diet and exercise, begging the question as to what is actually causing you to lose weight; the diet or the supplements?

The liquid HCG diet can be administered in one of three separate forms, with the traditional method being the HCG hormone injections. These injections are administered to the thigh once daily, and are followed by a strict 500 calorie a day diet. The injections require that you not only be comfortable with needles, but that you’re able to administer them yourself. Sometimes a doctor will be able to do it for you, but daily visits to his or her office can not only be costly but time-consuming as well. With HCG hormone injections, it is often more beneficial to simply administer them yourself after learning the proper method of sterilization and injection.

Those who find the idea of needles and daily self-injections to be less than ideal will find comfort in the HCG diet drops. They come in both hormonal and homeopathic varieties and provide the same benefit that the injections do. The HCG diet drops are administered several times a day underneath the tongue, or sublingually, because the high concentration of blood vessels are close to the surface there and can absorb the HCG into the bloodstream quickly. The diet drops often contain higher HCG levels than the injections, due to the simple fact that some of it is lost during supplementation. As a result, sometimes the HCG diet drops can be more expensive than their counterparts.

If drops aren’t your thing either, there are also HCG diet pills. They differ very little from the drops other than their solid form. Both are sublingual and administered several times a day. Like the drops and injections, the HCG diet pills are taken in conjunction with a 500 calorie a day diet as derived by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in his work on the HCG diet protocol. The pills have a longer shelf-life and are much easier to transport than the hormonal varieties of drops and injections, being much more convenient for those who are constantly on the go.

The liquid HCG diet injections, pills and diet drops all provide similar weight loss results, provided that the dieter adhere to the list of approved foods and does not exceed 500 calories a day. There is an alternative, though, to the original HCG diet that contains an 800 calorie a day limit. This can be beneficial to people who’s jobs and lifestyles require them to move more and subsequently burn more calories. The results of the 800 calorie a day HCG diet vary more from person to person, depending on just how much extra energy they exert and where their extra calories come from.

You can get more HCG diet information from reading HCG diet books or visiting online forums and blogs. There is a wealth of information out there, and finding answers to any questions you may have will be relatively simple, provided you know where to look.