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HCG diet Miami

The HCG diet Miami is an excellent way to lose unwanted stores of fat quickly, safely and easily. In a city that’s synonymous with beach bodies and partying, you can see why so many people have wanted to lose weight, feel great and look awesome. If you’ve been looking for an effective diet plan that will help you look good in a bathing suit, then look no further because the HCG diet Miami is the very thing you have been searching for.

In order to lose weight, you have to burn stores of fat. In order to burn stores of fat, you need to burn more calories than you consume in a day. The HCG diet helps people do this by including supplements of the HCG hormone along with a very strict, low calorie diet. Low calorie diets are typically not advised by most health professionals unless in the most dire of circumstances. This is due to the fact that not only are they difficult to adhere to, but eating too little over a long period of time can have it’s own negative side-effects on your metabolism and overall health.

While the total daily caloric intake on the HCG diet is limited to 500 calories a day, it is safe because the period in which you eat so few calories only lasts a couple of weeks. Let’s face it, we all know that the body stores fat for just such an occasion. However, when periods of low caloric intake do not occur, the fat keeps piling up and can very easily get out of hand.

The HCG hormone injections’ primary purpose is to rapidly release stores of fat into the bloodstream to be burned as energy. The low calorie portion of the diet ensures that this newly released fat is burned as energy and not just re-stored once the HCG injections cease. The secondary effect, though, is that HCG helps you feel less hungry and controls any cravings associated with dieting, therefore making the low calorie diet much, much easier to maintain.

There are a few side-effects related to the HCG diet, but they’re pretty much all relegated to the sudden decrease in your daily caloric intake. Mild headaches, feelings of being light headed and fatigue are probably the worst of the symptoms you’ll experience while working through the HCG diet (if you experience any at all). They usually dissipate during or shortly after the first week on the diet, leaving you free and clear to continue dropping pounds.

The reason the Miami HCG diet is so great is because it produces rapid, lasting weight loss results. You can typically expect to lose upwards of 1lb a day, provided you follow the diet protocol correctly. The protocol only lasts about a month, but there are longer duration diet plans available for people who want to lose a larger amount of weight.

If injections aren’t sounding very appealing to you, don’t worry. There are also HCG diet drops and HCG diet pills available that provide similar results as those reported by the injections. Losing weight has never been easier than it is today, and making use of the fantastic HCG diet in order to do so is probably one of the easiest ways to do so.

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