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The HCG Diet Grocery List

Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying: “work smarter, not harder.” Nowhere is this more true than in your diet and exercise program. People often accumulate long hours on the treadmill and eat all sorts of unsatisfying, low fat, low calorie foods in order to achieve weight loss. While this method does work, it often takes a long time and requires copious amounts of willpower and determination in order to manifest real and lasting weight loss. Exercise is awesome, and it has a host of positive health benefits associated with it. It should be done daily, by everyone, make no mistake. However, for the strict purpose of weight loss, exercise requires a large investment of time and energy in order to be truly effective.

The HCG diet, now, is quite different from the traditional diet and exercise program. For one, the duration is drastically shorter, lasting no more than 40 days and the results are truly amazing. People who successfully complete the HCG diet protocol repeatedly report losing anywhere from 25-35lbs in a month, sometimes more! How’s that for working smarter and not harder? However, the HCG diet, while simple, has it’s own potential pitfalls that need to be avoided in order to ensure your success.

The first thing you can do is to make sure you get real HCG. You can buy HCG online or get it from your doctor, depending on what type you choose to get. Traditionally, HCG is administered via injections, though there are other forms available such as HCG diet drops and HCG diet pills. All three forms have been reported to elicit similar results, so it’s really up to you. HCG is a hormone, and if that doesn’t jive well with you, there are homeopathic HCG diet drops available.

Once you have your HCG, the next step is to create an HCG diet meal plan. A meal plan is an excellent way to structure your diet in that you can make any changes you need to in order to keep it varied and interesting. There is a list of approved foods that comes with the HCG diet protocol, and once your meal plan is set you can use that to create your HCG diet plan grocery list. Buying as much of the food beforehand will help you to avoid going to the grocery store during the first week or so of the diet, and any temptations associated therein.

With your HCG diet grocery list in hand, only select fresh, natural foods. Do not get frozen, boxed or canned foods as they don’t provide the same health benefits of the natural stuff. The foods on your list should all be relatively inexpensive, so being able to afford the HCG diet shouldn’t be an issue. Your largest single expense will probably be the HCG hormone itself, though even that is quite affordable.

Once you’re finished with your grocery shopping, return home and begin to pre-portion your meals for the next several days. The HCG diet relies on strict adherence to the list of approved foods and that you do not exceed more than 500 calories a day. Over the next few weeks, you should notice rapid weight loss in traditionally difficult to hit areas like the belly, butt and upper arms. You’ll experience weight loss all over your body, though, so there’s no need to worry about coming out of the diet looking odd.

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