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The Liquid HCG

Of all the weight loss supplements on the market, liquid HCG is by and large the most effective. There are few, if indeed any, other supplements that repeatedly provide the rapid weight loss results that HCG hormone injections have come to be known for. Most of these other supplements seem to provide better results the more you diet and exercise, begging the question as to what is actually causing you to lose weight; the diet or the supplements?

The liquid HCG diet can be administered in one of three separate forms, with the traditional method being the HCG hormone injections. These injections are administered to the thigh once daily, and are followed by a strict 500 calorie a day diet. The injections require that you not only be comfortable with needles, but that you’re able to administer them yourself. Sometimes a doctor will be able to do it for you, but daily visits to his or her office can not only be costly but time-consuming as well. With HCG hormone injections, it is often more beneficial to simply administer them yourself after learning the proper method of sterilization and injection.

Those who find the idea of needles and daily self-injections to be less than ideal will find comfort in the HCG diet drops. They come in both hormonal and homeopathic varieties and provide the same benefit that the injections do. The HCG diet drops are administered several times a day underneath the tongue, or sublingually, because the high concentration of blood vessels are close to the surface there and can absorb the HCG into the bloodstream quickly. The diet drops often contain higher HCG levels than the injections, due to the simple fact that some of it is lost during supplementation. As a result, sometimes the HCG diet drops can be more expensive than their counterparts.

If drops aren’t your thing either, there are also HCG diet pills. They differ very little from the drops other than their solid form. Both are sublingual and administered several times a day. Like the drops and injections, the HCG diet pills are taken in conjunction with a 500 calorie a day diet as derived by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in his work on the HCG diet protocol. The pills have a longer shelf-life and are much easier to transport than the hormonal varieties of drops and injections, being much more convenient for those who are constantly on the go.

The liquid HCG diet injections, pills and diet drops all provide similar weight loss results, provided that the dieter adhere to the list of approved foods and does not exceed 500 calories a day. There is an alternative, though, to the original HCG diet that contains an 800 calorie a day limit. This can be beneficial to people who’s jobs and lifestyles require them to move more and subsequently burn more calories. The results of the 800 calorie a day HCG diet vary more from person to person, depending on just how much extra energy they exert and where their extra calories come from.

You can get more HCG diet information from reading HCG diet books or visiting online forums and blogs. There is a wealth of information out there, and finding answers to any questions you may have will be relatively simple, provided you know where to look.

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